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40 Years law enforcement

40 Years law enforcement

40 Years law enforcement40 Years law enforcement

Harry Zamora for Sheriff

Harry Zamora briefly talks about crime reduction programs.

ask the right questions

Anyone can say anything about their views.  They can copy and mimic views that make them appear better qualified but it does not answer the right question.  Who are they?  How did they attain their rank and did they come from a major department that actually does comprehensive background checks.  Did they just get hired and handed a badge or did they actually compete with the best in the department?   Are they Gypsy cops bouncing from department to department?  These are important questions ask.

Vote for Harry Zamora in 2020

  • If you're a cop and you're dirty, you're done.   I will not tolerate cops that lie on affidavits or stop citizens without probable cause.   The time for real change and law enforcement reform is now, and I am the person to do just that.   Thanks for your support.  

Harry Zamora for Sheriff

Elect Harry Zamora for Harris County Sheriff

Harry Zamora

Elect Honorably Retired Houston Police Lieutenant Harry Zamora for Harris County Sheriff

Harry Zamora on political contributions

Harry Zamora will not get fat from spending your money on fine dinners and wine.  Stop feeding the.....

Harry Zamora on corruption

It's time for drastic change in Harris County.  With your vote, we can  start draining the bayous.

Stop messing with granny's bingo night

"I'm more concerned with stopping violent crime and keeping us safe on the roads."  Harry Zamora 

Harry Zamora for Sheriff 2020

Honorably Retired Houston Police Lieutenant with over 39 years law enforcement experience.  

cannabis reform

 As your sheriff, I will work for you.   As we all know, times are changing and we must adapt.  Our jails are already at capacity and we can do more to alleviate the overcrowding.  That is why I stand behind Cannabis reform.  Not everyone needs to be incarcerated over something that will eventually become regulated in Texas.  We need to get ahead of it now.  Just remember prohibition, and that alcohol was once illegal as well.