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40 Years law enforcement

40 Years law enforcement

40 Years law enforcement40 Years law enforcement

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Harry Zamora on important issues

In his own words.

"I would first like to thank each and every one of you for taking the time to read my thoughts on the Harris County Sheriff's race.  

Interestingly, many folks ask me what party I'm with, and I always say it's most unfortunate that a law enforcement position has to be partisan.  As a street cop and commander, I never asked anyone seeking my help, advice or assistance what their party affiliation was.  It was none of my business and it certainly did not affect how I treated them.  After all, I was a cop not a politician.  This race however, makes anyone seeking the office a politician.   I don't  think that's how it should be, but nonetheless, I don't make the rules I only comply.  Having said that,  I am asking all citizens of Harris County to overlook partisan politics and vote for the candidate they feel is the best qualified to lead the sheriff's office moving forward.  

I am asking that you take the time to research campaign finance reports and backgrounds so that you can make an informed decision.   For example, was the candidate with a major city department where stringent background checks, mental health evaluations and polygraph examinations a requirement?  If so, did they honorably retire with a pension or did they leave prior to that.  Think about why an officer would leave a career before reaching his retirement?  Something obviously happened and you deserve to know.  Additionally, was the candidate with a smaller department?  Did they have to test and compete against thousands of other officers through stringent and comprehensive promotional examinations or did they just get promoted with no exam because the constable or sheriff liked him/her or did they make a political contribution?  Think about it folks. These are important questions if you want to see if a candidate is deserving of the leadership position you will entrust him/her with.    

As a forty year law enforcement commander, and the longest tenured candidate seeking the office of Sheriff, I believe my experience in the Houston Police Department gives me a distinct advantage over my opponents.  This experience will inevitably allow me to manage the operations of the Sheriff's Office more effectively and efficiently than in the past.    

I firmly believe we can do better with how  we deal with the mentally ill and homeless in Harris County.  Jail diversion and mental health programs are important because they allow for additional space in which to house more violent offenders.   

Public safety initiatives are also critical to a successful agency, but one must understand they start with the men and women charged with their implementation, and they must be trustworthy, qualified, capable and compassionate about how they interact with the public.   

I am not currently supported by establishment Democrats or Republicans, and quite frankly that's OK, because I know the citizens of Harris County are tired of the same old politicians and rhetoric, however when you enter the voting booth on March 3, 2020, look for me on the Democratic ticket.  

Thanks for your support."  

                                                                                                                                          Harry Zamora


The Platform


Serving The Community

Fighting for what's right in our community

Fighting for what's right in our community

Harry Zamora has been part of this community for four decades, working tirelessly to make Harris County a better place.  As a small business owner, he has helped raise money for the United Way.  As owner of Skyway Productions, he has donated his services to various Shattered Dreams projects to raise awareness on the dangers of drinking and driving.  As owner of Saltwater Stud Printing and Apparel, he routinely donates apparel to the homeless to keep them warm and clothed.   As owner of Majestic Sea Burials, he donates his services to scatter the ashes of our veterans with no family left to care for their remains.  As a police motor escort, he donates his services to our less fortunate families during the loss of a loved one.  Harry has been recognized for his community service the past three decades.  

Harry Zamora will fight cops that lie on affidavits.

Fighting for what's right in our community

Fighting for what's right in our community

Fighting for what's right in our community

Harry Zamora knows the importance of public safety programs and initiatives.  The foundation of those programs are the very men and women charged with their implementation.  The success of those efforts begin with credible, honest and dedicated employees with integrity and good character.   

 "That's why I’m running for Harris County Sheriff."

                                                         Harry Zamora 


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Fighting for what's right in our community

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Your word-of-mouth, and sharing social media content are all ways of helping us achieve our goals together.  

"I'm not asking for your hard earned money; just your vote."

                                                                  Harry Zamora

About Harry

Harry Zamora

40 Years in Law Enforcement

Harry Zamora is the only candidate with 40 years of law enforcement experience, 32 of which were with the Houston Police Department.   He joined the Houston Police Department in 1980 and retired after a stellar 32 year career.  The last twenty, he served as a Lieutenant of Police.  He is also a State Licensed Jailer.  He resides in Harris County with his wife Lesli.  He is also a small business owner and United States Coast Guard Licensed Merchant Mariner.   

Harry Zamora for Sheriff

Houston Police Medal of Valor

Harry Zamora received the Houston Police Department's highest award.  The Medal of Valor for heroic action.


Star of Texas Award

Harry Zamora received the Star of Texas award for heroic action during his tenure with the Houston Police Department.

Houston Police department medal of valor recipients

Harry Zamora

There have been hundreds of thousands good men and women that have worn the badge of the Houston Police Department since it was founded in 1841.   In that time period, only nineteen have received the Medal of Valor.   At the time of his retirement in 2012, Harry Zamora was the 19th recipient of the award.        He has also received special Congressional recognition for acts of  heroism.



Harry Zamora for Constable Pct. 2 in 2012

Lieutenant Harry Zamora ran for Harris County Constable, Precinct 2, in 2012.  He Honorably retired from the Houston Police Department after a stellar 32 year career.  The last twenty years, he was a Lieutenant of Police.  Of significance is the fact that during the campaign, he consistently advised the Democratic Party and endorsement committees that he was the most experienced candidate for the position.  He was the longest tenured candidate from a major city department with proven management leadership and stability.  He did not jump from department to department like other candidates and he demonstrated superior management leadership skills.  Despite all the qualifications, he lost to a reserve deputy constable of only approximately one year.  He told the endorsement committees and Democratic Party that proven leadership from a major city department mattered in managing the constables department but it did not matter to them. 

These are the ramifications of failing to endorse based on experience.  




It took two terms (eight years) for the mismanagement to surface.  

Harry is now tenured with 40 years police experience of which 28 is management experience.  Do NOT let this happen to the sheriff's office.   Vote for proven leadership, management experience and stability, vote for Harry Zamora.

"The voters need to ask each candidate who we are, not what we think, because you might very well be surprised at what your find."

                                                                                                                                                                                   Harry Zamora


Lawsuit filed by eight cops

In 2018, eight cops sued Police Motor Escorts, Inc., Majestic Sea Holding Company, Inc.  and Harry and Lesli Zamora, in Harris County Civil Court  #2 claiming unpaid wages for police motorcycle escorts. These officers filed sworn affidavits with the court attesting that their claims were true and correct.  Additionally, all eight cops appeared in court in full uniform as representatives of their respective department.  Subsequently, an independent Forensic Accountant (Stewart & Hurst) determined that the eight cops were incorrect in the amount they claimed as unpaid.  The visiting judge reviewed the payments in his chambers and threw out an interlocutory judgement the cops were able to get by steamrolling Harry and Lesli Zamora.  The judge ordered a trial in two weeks knowing some cops had refused depositions, all failed to submit their bank records, and submitted no admissions, etc.  The Zamora's had no choice but to settled the case because no defense could be mounted without evidence from the cops.  They had been compelled by motion to submit evidence but never complied.  The lawsuit is now public record and we encourage you to read it and see what the officers did during this lawsuit. One of the cops still works for the sheriff's office despite what transpired.  The incumbent was made aware of the incident and has done nothing.  Interestingly, another candidate for sheriff was presented proof of the false claims, yet he fails to indicate that on his website which should tell the voting public if elected, he will censor and only provide information that will benefit him.     The voters deserve to know the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.  Lastly, in case you are wondering why Majestic Sea Holding Company, Inc. was sued, it was because the officers claimed the Zamora's took their money and invested it into a print shop which was proven to be yet another untruthful claim.  The print shop loan documents are shown below.  

Sample of claims and payments

Attached are samples of the sworn affidavits filed with the court, claims of non- payment and proof of payments made to the cops (keep in mind these are only a few samples due to the sheer volume of documentation presented before the court).   The cops attempted to avoid perjury charges by stating to the best of their knowledge, but that statement constitutes no knowledge under Texas state law, so they basically sued on what they thought might be owed to them without solid facts.   Ultimately, the case was settled and they received tens of thousands of dollars that were not owed to them.  What would you think if someone sued you to the best of their knowledge?  Think about it.  This is yet another example of cops doing what they want with no ramifications.  The Houston Police Department received an official sworn complaint and has failed to respond as of this date.   We will advise when they conclude their investigation.   

Lawsuit documents

Plaintiff's Second Amended Petition

Plaintiff's Second Amended Petition

Plaintiff's Second Amended Petition


This is a page from the cops Petition where they claim Harry and Lesli Zamora took money and diverted it to their other company to purchase the printing machine.  As you can see, it was purchased through a loan.  These cops appeared in full uniform in court representing their respective departments.  Is this abuse of office?  Ask the District Attorney.      

Proof the claims were false

Plaintiff's Second Amended Petition

Plaintiff's Second Amended Petition

Cops lie, Harris county sheriff, candidates for sheriff, early vote, democratic primary,

This is the purchase loan agreement with the lender and Majestic Sea Holding, Co. Inc. owned by Harry and Lesli Zamora.  Direct proof the claims made by the cops were false.  These cops still wear a badge.  

officers in civil court over extra employment

Harris County Deputy Sheriff

Harris County Deputy Sheriff

Harris County Deputy Sheriff


Are these cops representing their respective agency in a civil matter over an extra employment dispute?  

Harris County Civil Court #2

Harris County Deputy Sheriff

Harris County Deputy Sheriff


Cops leaving civil court after a hearing before the judge.  Why would they wear an official department uniform in a personal civil matter and who authorized them to represent their department using official government property?  


Texas Penal Code 39.02 Abuse of Official Capacity


Harry's stance on the Second Amendment

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